About Us

More than movie buffs

Filmscope is a non-profit community interest company set up in 2021. Our mission is to bring the transformative power of film and creativity to people by creating a community of film lovers. We strive to provide opportunities for everyone to come together and share their love of movies, regardless of their social status, disabilities, or age. To achieve this goal, we have created a community cinema within The London Borough of Brent that is comfortable and inclusive.

We are proud to have received funding and support from CVS Brent and the National Lottery Community Fund to introduce immersive screenings to the residents of Brent. Our aim is to create a space where people can enjoy seeing films on the big screen, go to cinemas, and make new connections. We believe in an IDEA – inclusive, diverse, equal, and accessible community – and make sure that people are at the heart of everything we do.

Every individual, regardless of background or ability, deserves the opportunity to experience the transformative power of Film and creativity. Filmscope programme are designed to achieve just that.

Our 4 Pillars

Inclusivity & Accessibility

We provide engaging film screenings to the public and accessible film screenings, collaborating closely with D/deaf organisations to ensure that our film screenings enable everyone to enjoy the magic of cinema. Through this partnership, we create an environment where entertainment knows no boundaries, fostering a sense of unity among diverse communities.

Education Redefined

Our engagement with schools goes beyond the classroom. By integrating arts, language, and sciences through stop-motion animation, we provide students with a unique hands-on learning experience that ignites their curiosity and fuels their creativity. This approach bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.


Empowerment Through Mentoring

Our mentoring programs provide a platform for young people to develop their talents, build confidence, and pursue their aspirations. By giving them a hands-on experience of filmmaking, we nurture their growth and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Affordable Holiday Workshops

We understand the importance of safe and enriching activities during holidays. Through our affordable holiday workshops, we offer families a chance to participate in engaging experiences that strengthen their bonds and create lasting memories.



Our story and Ongoing Commitment

Vishal ladwa – Vee

Vee has had a passion for drawing since childhood, despite being bullied for their love of comics. They stumbled into web design during an IT course and turned to freelancing for 13 years before discovering their passion for animation. Throughout their career, they have worked on several exciting projects, such as Kiosk for Topman and Gatwick. However, creating an animation for Marvel has been one of their proudest moments.


Krishnaharan Devasabai – Krishna

From a young age, Krish had a passion for cinema and special effects, he ended up working in retail and doing event management at museums. In 2016, he collaborated with Vee on a comic book which ignited their creative partnership. They both shared a love for films and storytelling and wanted to channel the aspect of cinema-going to keep that love of watching a film with a large crowd alive during COVID-19. Their journey began to take shape as they ventured into book fairs and continued to explore new ways of film making with practical special effects inspired by Ray Harryhausen’s work. Despite encountering mundane and repetitive jobs, their shared passion continued to drive them forward.